Building and maintaining professional relationships with all our clients, that will grow and mature alongside their evolving needs. 


KADAS | PELONIS strives to build long-lasting relationships with all of their clients through their unique approach adapted to their clients’ individual needs. The firm aims to achieve the following objectives throughout each mandate entrusted to them: 

Surpassing your expectations

The only way to build a reputation of excellence, is to exceed your expectations. We are devoted and determined to ensure your utmost satisfaction by providing you with the highest standards of legal expertise.  

Providing a personalized service

In a fast-paced and diversified society, we recognize that each client’s needs are unique and require customized attention. We embrace a human approach adapted to each particular situation. 

Building a relationship of trust

We aim to provide you with peace of mind throughout our mandate. Security, confidentiality and integrity are the fundamental principles of our customer relation. 



Mtre Christina Kadas received a Licentiate in Law (L.L.L.) with distinction (magna cum laude) from the University of Ottawa in 2011. She then received a Notarial Law Degree (D.D.N.) from the University of Montreal in 2013. In 2014, Mtre Christina Kadas was sworn in by the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec and accredited to execute Non-Contentious Proceedings before a Notary. This accreditation allows certain matters, such as verification of holographic wills and wills before witnesses, homologation of a mandate in case of incapacity and institution of protective supervision, among others, to be presented before a Notary.


Mtre. Angie Pelonis has been a notary in private practice since 2009. Her expertise are primarily in real estate law, estate planning and liquidation, and commercial financing.
Mtre. Pelonis is a passionate advocate for education of all types, in particular informing and educating the public on their rights and obligations under the law. She firmly believes that there is a lack of proper information and resources and strives to serve as a source of information for both her clients and the greater community.
In her personal time, Mtre. Pelonis is an avid traveller and culinary enthusiast.
Certifications and Education 
– D.D.N (Notarial Law), University of Montréal, 2008
– LLB (Civil Law), University of Montréal, 2007
– B.A. (Political Science), Concordia University, 2004


Last Wills and Testaments

Protective Mandates

Power of Attorney

Marriage Contracts

Marriage Celebrations

Common Law Spouse Agreements

Homologation of Mandates

Institution of Protective Supervision

Tutorship Councils

Estate Settlements

Will Searches

Declaration of Transmission

Will Verifications

Purchase and Sale of Properties

Loans and Mortgages


Discharges - Acquittances

Commercial Leases

Corporate Matters

Authorization letter to travel with minor children