The date has been set, the venue has been chosen. Before saying “I do”, it is imperative to take the time to meet with a Notary in order to be informed of the legal consequences of your union.  


All practicing notaries in Quebec have the power to solemnize marriages and civil unions. Whether you decide to get married or civilly united in the comfort of your home, at your favorite restaurant, at a lavish reception hall, abroad or even at our office, Notary Kadas can act as your wedding officiant, in either English or French.


Prior to your celebration, it is advisable to consult a Notary in order to be informed of the legal consequences attached to becoming spouses under Quebec law. We can answer all of your questions and analyze your unique situation with you. You will be informed, among others, of your rights and obligations as spouses, family patrimony and choice of matrimonial regime.


Should you decide to live with your significant other without getting married or civilly united, we can help ensure that you are protected in case of separation or death. Our services include, but are not limited to, common-law spouse agreements and co-ownership agreements.


Once you have found the place you wish to call “home”, you must then retain the services of a Notary in order to complete your transaction. Choose a legal advisor that will handle your transaction with diligence and thoroughness, in order to ensure a valid and clear title on your new home. 


Whether you are purchasing a home, revenue property or vacant land, we can assist you through the purchasing and selling process. Your real estate transaction will be carried out with great care and thoroughness, in order to ensure that you hold a secure title on your immovable at the closing of your transaction.


If you decide to refinance your property, the Civil Code of Quebec obliges you to seek the services of a Notary to record the deed of hypothec. Inversely, paying off your loan is a great accomplishment. Once your loan is paid off, in order to ensure that your mortgage no longer affects your property, you must obtain a discharge from your creditor. We can assist you in all of these matters in the most effective and diligent manner.


Often when everything is going in the right direction, planning for unforseen events is the last things on your mind. Protect your loved ones by properly planning ahead in order to lessen the eventual burden on them.


Planning ahead for unforeseen events lessens the burden on your grieving loved ones. It is imperative to make sure that your family is well protected in the case of your death or incapacity, especially if you have minor children. We can assist you, among others, in the preparation of your these various legal documents.


A Will is the only way to decide who will inherit from you and in which proportions. Without a will, Quebec Law will determine who your heirs are and what their respective share will be. Having your will prepared by a Quebec Notary allows you to avoid such a situation and ensure that your Will will be executed without further legal formalities upon passing, with the exception of a will search.


A Protective Mandate, which can include a "Living Will", allows you to determine, who will make decisions for your property and for your person should you be incapacitated. This notarized document can be used in the event of partial or total, temporary or permanent, physical or intellectual incapacity.